Friday, May 31, 2013

Behind the "Veil", a modern Arab woman that you don't know, western!

I wrote this piece as a response to the hatred we "Muslimat" always get. The hatred that pushed me as well to feed you what you refuse to hear!
I am an Arab woman of color, and I am freely veiled!
But, you have to know, that when I say veiled, i mean: Faith, peace, and freedom itself! 

I, as many others, look at my "Hijab" in the context of the cultural identity and the personal choice, even though in recent times, the attire of Muslim women, has become a politically loaded symbol; Arabic traditions and customs are not all identical where many Arabs follow different faiths, live all over the world and are affiliated with different types of organizations and societies. However, as a piece of cloth on a woman's head, I wonder how it changes in perceptions and heats countless debates in parliaments!
And yes! Regardless the religion, or the level of religiosity, it occurs that it is you who "veil" the Arab woman; it is you who makes her into a passive victim; silent, passive, helpless, and in need of rescue by the "west"! 
Sorry! Should I not scream?! Should I not speak for my rights? And I need to know who told you, that wearing "Hijab" is a process of suppress and restrain!
But my dear, I am a human being and I have my space in my culture, like any other woman across the world!
And you have to know in addition, that we're not an object that can be crushed together and concentrated for Western consumption in a box labelled: Organic Arab Woman.

I am an arab woman, and I am learning your English, and the universal declaration of human rights, the UN resolutions, and the SOCIAL PEACE! 
I urge you to break away from cultural misconceptions. Expand your knowledge and learn about our ever-changing and diverse world. Just remember what Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan once said, “Don’t judge a woman by what is over her head, but rather what is in her head.”
Though, there's no doubt then within me that I'm an Arab woman! The problem is whether you will believe me.